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First off, thank you for your interest in joining our team. There are many groups out there and we feel especially privileged that you are interested in us! We have experienced a large influx of cases and do not see any sign of slowing. Due to this we must grow our team larger to accommodate the case loads. There are couple of key things you must know and agree to before submitting an application for membership. P.O.R.T. does not offer an internship nor do we generally allow non-members to participate in any investigations. We appreciate your understanding & cooperation.

First and foremost: What is your intention in doing this? Are you expecting the same experience you see on TV and in the movies? Do you consider yourself a "Ghost Hunter" or Paranormal Researcher? The mindset & intention is different between those who ghost hunt and those who research paranormal phenomena. Many people have a novel and possibly somewhat fairytale idea of what being a paranormal researcher (in general) means. The truth is it's much different than most think! The second thing is that being that we are a Non-Profit Organization P.OR.T.'s funding is primarily driven by membership fees. This is crucial to the continued growth, replacement and repair of many items. Membership fees do not cover costs for trips to cases, but are used as a means to help P.O.R.T. evolve. No member is paid for their time with P.O.R.T.

Do you have a strong interest or passion for the field of paranormal research? Do you hold a job or possess skills that would empower you to be a great researcher? If so, we'd love to hear from you! Our process has three levels that allow for each member to phase through as a Researcher to an Analyst, and lastly to an Investigator. This is to ensure you can learn the 3 major aspects of investigating supernatural phenomena.
*Please note that we DO NOT allow for people to bypass this structure and job right into an Investigator position. P.O.R.T. is specifically looking for individuals who have no experience and want to be a part of the growing community of paranormal research. Ideally, these candidates should not have any major hobbies, schooling or commitments that would keep them from being engaged weekly. P.O.R.T. is a non-profit organization that is solely funded by yearly membership fees and donations. NO member is paid for their time with P.O.R.T. We have a gifted core of members currently and would like to add to it. Members are not consultants. What this means is that members must pay an annual membership fee which grants them membership to private organization that has, at times, case sensitive information regarding our clients. All members need to know case specifics; whereas consultants do not. You should take notice that positions such as Researcher and Analyst have a main area of focus. This allows for our members to gradually ramp up their involvement with each case and fully understand the dynamics of each position without being overwhelmed by other responsibilities expected of them in an Investigator position. These are considered non-core member positions. Core member positions are involved in every phase of a case; whereas non-core members focus on the specific phases they are needed in. Please recognize and understand this from the beginning as this does not entitle these positions to be included in other areas of expertise or roles. However, in the event that there is a need for more investigators and / or we're down investigators for an investigation there will be opportunity for cross-training as well as participation in an investigation.

1st Phase of Membership -
RESEARCHER role description:
This particular position is considered a non-core position. Researchers ultimately participate in 2 of the 8 phases. As a P.O.R.T. Researcher, this individual assists the team during the 3rd Phase of each case. (Highlighted in blue below) Researchers are not required to be there for the walkthrough; though it would prove very helpful for them if they can attend. The main focus of the Researcher is to help out with online, phone calls, interviews, and local (on-site and / or in the area) research. The benefit of such a position affords this person the mixture of participating in this field of research without the serious involvement other positions would. Being engaged weekly is as simple as corresponding by email, webcam or phone. If you have an interest or passion for this field of research, but do not see yourself out in the field investigating due to schedule constraints and / or desire to do so then this is the happy medium position. The last & 8th Phase of a case, we ask that all members participate in. It is our belief that everyone enjoys hearing how it all ended up.
(Highlighted in Purple below)

The functions of the Researcher we are looking for are (but not limited to):
• Historical research (people, home, land, events, etc.)
• Interviewing clients, historians & witnesses
• Follow up (check-in's with individuals involved in the case)

2nd Phase of Membership -
ANALYST role description
This particular position is considered a non-core position. Analysts ultimately participate in 2 of the 8 phases. As a P.O.R.T. Analyst, this individual assists the team during the 5th Phase of the case. We are looking for analysts we can train specifically for this field of research. Having a background in forensics, audio / video / photo editing is extremely preferred, but not required. Analysts would partake in the analysis of audio, video, photos, and meter readings.
(Highlighted in green below) The last & 8th Phase of a case, we ask that all members participate in. It is our belief that everyone enjoys hearing how it all ended up. (Highlighted in Purple below)

The functions of the Analyst we are looking for are (but not limited to):
• Analysis of audio, photography, video, and meter readings submitted to us by clients, witnesses, and past research groups
• Analysis of audio, photography, video, and meter readings from our own recorded walkthroughs, interviews, and investigations
• Using software & hardware to debunk and / or validate an anomaly
• Submitting their anomalous findings to the rest of the team for review
• Working with Founder & Lead Investigators to determine when to use our consultants

3rd Phase of Membership -
INVESTIGATOR role description:
What we are looking for is an investigator we can train. Have you ever wanted to be an investigator for a legitimate paranormal research group? Do you have skills, training or a natural knack in debunking mysterious anomalies? This particular position is considered a core position. What this means is that all of our Investigators are expected to participate throughout each case they are involved in. This position is more committed and engaged than other non-core positions within P.O.R.T. Ideally this individual shouldn't have any major hobbies, schooling or commitments that would keep them from being engaged weekly.

The functions of the Investigator we are looking for are (but not limited to):
• Historical research (people, home, land, events, etc.)
• Interviewing clients, historians & witnesses
• Investigating
• Debunking
• Follow up (review of evidence & check-in's)

To elaborate on the aforementioned "phases" that members are involved in please refer to the below breakdown of the 8 essential phases P.O.R.T. has developed that each case should follow in an attempt to ensure that the promise P.O.R.T. made to our clients is adhered to when we take on their case. Each phase is as equally important as any other phase. Below are the details to each phase which help to illustrate the process and order we take from the beginning to the end of each case. *Specific phases have been highlighted for ease of identifying the phases being reference above)


Phase 1. Discovery Phase: Discovery of potential case, making contact, gathering historical information to determine strength of paranormal claims, and demonstrated interest or desire by client(s) to allow an investigation.

Phase 2. Form Phase: Delivery of Preliminary Questionnaire, Anonymity Form, Investigation Permission Form, Investigation Policies, and Mission Statement. Receipt of fully completed Preliminary Questionnaire, Anonymity Form & Investigation Permission Form.

Phase 3. Research Phase: Performing a walkthrough (if possible) of property / home / building, obtaining as much historical info on property / home / building via a combination of resources (i.e. internet, library, town hall, museum, historical society, personal interviews of clients / witnesses / neighbors, etc.)

Phase 4. Investigation Phase: Conducting a thorough and professional investigation of property / home / building with a variety of techniques and equipment to either debunk or confirm claims of paranormal activity.

Phase 5. Analysis Phase: Assignment of material to each member to perform an in depth analysis (recordings using software and / or techniques) of photographs, audio & video. This may include analyzing readings recorded that may have been in conjunction with an event. As each member completes their analysis of assigned material they will submit an email with just file names and time stamps of events they felt were anomalous and want further examination by the team during the review phase. No information should be provided with the file name & time stamps as to avoid influencing the teams’ first take.

Phase 6. Review Phase: Team will meet at P.O.R.T. Headquarters (Founders home) to review what was found by the team during the Analysis Phase. The team will collaborate in discussion, possible recreation of scenarios that an anomaly was created by (with regard to a questionable anomaly we suspect not being paranormal in origin) to either debunk it or reach a final decision to consider it as catalogued evidence.

Phase 7. Findings Phase: Provide the client(s) our findings with regard to unexplainable or paranormal events captured on photograph, audio, and video. Share stories of personal experiences that we feel lend credence to past or present claims, as well as explain how we debunked claims.

Phase 8. Wrap Up Phase: Simply, just the team doing a “virtual roundtable” via email to discuss what we learned, what we feel we could improve on, changes to be made (if needed), and our feelings in general about the case.

*Please note that the 8 Phases and their descriptions are copyright protected by the Paranormal & Occult Research Team

What comes with membership:

  • Email address

  • Personalized business card template

  • Involvement in every case

  • Use of gear during investigations

  • Input towards the betterment of the team

  • Amazing experiences via the cases P.O.R.T. takes on

P.O.R.T. has a realistic approach that our members do have personal lives, families and paying jobs that must come first. So, we don't expect someone to live, breathe & eat this. However, we do need someone who truly WANTS to be a part of something amazing! Communication is essential, even within P.O.R.T. Without it, we will ultimately fail in helping our clients. P.O.R.T. will provide you an email address, business card template, access to our server to view case files, input towards the betterment of the team and use of gear during investigations. There is no limit to where our team may go or what we may find. I can tell you that we have already had some unforgettable experiences.

Things required of members:

- At least 21 yrs. of age
- $100 yearly membership
- Weekly involvement
- Working computer & broadband internet
- Employed or student
- Good people skills
- Good documentation skills
- Good communication skills (in person, phone & email)
- Attention to detail
- Common sense
- Professionalism
- Adherence to P.O.R.T. policies and Mission Statement
- Must live in Washington or Oregon

If you truly think you have what it takes based upon my above initial outline click below on the appropriate position you are applying for, complete our Membership Application, and then return it to us (email is preferred). 
Failure to fill out the form completely will at best slow down the process. At worst, it will be rejected. Once we review our candidates we will schedule an interview with you. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us and I can elaborate further. Thank you for your time & interest!

(*Requires program that can work with Microsoft Word documents)


What is the next step in becoming a member of P.O.R.T.? If you want to become a member the next step would be to review our role descriptions to fully understand what we need from each team member based on the specific position held within P.O.R.T.
Researcher & Analyst Role Description
Investigator Role & Membership Info
From there if you concur with what we expect then you can fill out one of our above applications completely and email it back to us through

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